Coatesville Police Officer Delivers Formula to Mother in Need During Storm

Coatesville Police Department

Coatesville, PA (WTXF)  - A  police officer went above and beyond the call of duty in order to help a local family in need during last weekend’s blizzard.

Last weekend, as record snowfall swept through the area leaving thousands stuck in their homes, one mother found herself in a terrible situation.

While at home with her infant, she discovered that she was nearly out of formula.

As conditions worsened,  she realized it would be unsafe to drive and procure more. Unsure of what to do next, the woman called the Coatesville Police Department to inquire about the state of the roads.

Officer Carmen Mollichella heard of the mother’s predicament and decided to help. He went out in the storm and picked up formula. Then, he drove as far as he could in order to deliver the formula.

Once it was unsafe to drive, Officer Mollichella trekked the rest of the way, on foot, and successfully delivered the formula to the woman.

Way to go, Officer Mollichella!