City of Houston launches new 'I am Life' campaign to combat HIV

A rising number of HIV cases among the LGBTQ community’s African American and Hispanic populations is a major health crisis in the Houston area and southern region of the United States.

According to the Houston Health Department, the subgroups who are at a greater risk of contracting the virus are African American and Latino men having sex with men, and transgender people of color ages 13-34.

As a response to this crisis, HHD is launching I am Life, a campaign that will support HHD in reducing the number of HIV cases while increasing viral suppression among African American and Hispanic gay/bisexual men who have sex with men, as well as transgender persons of color.

I am Life will include people from local communities telling real stories who encourage their peers to take PrEP, a prescribed antiretroviral drug taken daily for those vulnerable to HIV, and if they already have the virus, to get treatment.

“With one of the nation’s premier health departments leading this charge and backed by strong community partners, new programs and services and increased accessibility to medication for our priority populations, the City of Houston supports the I am Life campaign to raise awareness and educate audiences about PrEP and treatment as prevention to help prevent HIV and save lives, Mayor Sylvester Turner says.

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