Chambers County OEM monitoring the Trinity River during Tropical Storm Cindy

In Chambers County with the wind picking up and the sky expected to open up in a big way, Emergency Management officials are keeping a close eye on Tropical Storm Cindy and what she might do to the Trinity Bay and Trinity River.

"The current forecast is that we will receive 40 to 45 mile per hour winds, approximately four inches of rain or more,” says Chambers County Fire Marshal Ryan Holzaepfel. 

Chambers County is now on what’s considered heightened awareness and they’re praying Cindy will send a few showers and not much more. 

"We are hoping that that’s the best case scenario but we’re prepared for that to be much worse,” adds Holzaepfel.   The fire marshal says the ground is pretty dry and can soak up quite a bit of rainfall unless there’s extensive and extended rain over several days.

"Some of those lower lying areas that are closer to waterways, closer to Trinity Bay, closer to Trinity River those are the areas that we would expect possibly could see the most impact,” Holzaepfel explains. 

We caught up with some residents preparing for potentially wicked weather.  "We’re getting water.  We’re getting canned goods and different things.  We’re stocking up because we know it’s coming,” says Sonya Bernard.

While others are expecting mother nature not to behave badly.

"We’re going to get the rain that’s about it.  We’re going to be good,” smiles Donell Haskin.

"It’ll be just a little rain.  (I hope you’re right) I hope so,” adds Anahuac resident Alasia Lewis.