Celebrate Pi Day with America's most beloved pies

March 14th is known as Pi Day and that’s because it falls on 3/14, which makes up the first three digits of the mathematical constant pi. If you don’t remember your geometry, pi is the ratio of the circumference of any circle to the diameter of that same circle. And if you’d rather not think about math at all, don’t worry: we’re going to celebrate by taking a look at America’s most popular pies (the kind you can eat), according to a survey conducted by the Delta Dental Group.

No. 6: Cherry pie is probably more popular as the hair-metal hit than a food, with only 5 percent of Americans saying it’s their favorite.

No. 5: Chocolate pie is an indulgence, but only 8 percent of Americans will admit that it’s their favorite pie of all.

No. 4: Everyone loves Thanksgiving, which might be why 10 percent of Americans says sweet potato pie is their absolute favorite.

No. 3: There might not be anything as American as apple pie, but only 14 percent of Americans say it’s their top pie.

No. 2: The No. 2 pie in the country is pecan pie with 15 percent of Americans selecting it as their favorite.

No. 1: But only one pie can win America’s heart and it’s not even close: 36 percent of Americans say they love pumpkin pie more than any other pie in the world.