CBD oil could cause you to fail a drug test

CBD oils, edibles, and supplements may be all the rage, but experts warn: check the label, or it could cost you a job.

Experts at Any Lab Test Now say they’re seeing a growing number of pre-employment drug tests coming back red flagged for THC, the stuff in marijuana, even though the people being tested claim to only be taking store-bought CBD.

"It takes some explaining,” said Christy Marcantel, Owner of Any Lab Test Now in Winter Park, Florida. "CBD oil can come in two ways: one, CBD oil, but it also can be hemp based."

Marcantel said it’s the hemp version that can cause the testers problems. Hemp comes from the same family of plants as marijuana, so the CBD products made with it can carry very small amounts of THC; experts say up to 0.3%. That’s not enough to get the user high, but Marcantel said any amount is enough to red flag a drug test.

"It is 'THC or not',” she said. There is no way to break down if that comes from a CBD hemp based plant versus THC."

In the case of ‘drug free workplaces’ that Marcantel said often carry that title to meet insurance requirements, that red flag is an instant disqualifier. No job offer, no matter what put that THC in the person’s system.

"It is unfortunate because there's so many positives from CBD oil,” said Marcantel.

Her advice for CBD users who are concerned and have an upcoming test is to pre-test themselves to see what if anything is in their system. Any Lab Test Now offers tests from $49-159.

Experts say this won’t affect all CBD user though.  Manager Ethan Jobson said his vape and CBD shop in Winter Park, Smoker’s Kingdom, only carries the ‘no trace of THC’ versions of the product. He advises users to check the labels of any CBD products they may buy and warns them that, while the hemp versions do often offer a wider range of effects for the user, there is a chance they could show up on a drug test.

Jobson and Marcantel also add that most CBD products have QR codes on the containers that, when scanned, give the user a full look at any possible THC in the product.