Cast of The Woman King discusses film's impact, the powerful cinematic experience

The Woman King hits theaters this Friday, September 16th with a star-studded cast including Viola Davis, John Boyega, Lashana Lynch, Thuso Mbedu, and Sheila Atim.

The all-star cast along with the director (Gina Prince-Bythewood) of The Woman King sit down to chat with BackstageOL’s Dave Morales and discuss the powerful cinematic experience.

The film focuses on the Agojie, a group of all-female warriors who protect the African kingdom of Dahomey. The group is led by General Nanisca (Viola Davis) who must train the next generation of warriors to defend the nation from enemies who threaten their kingdom and way of life.

Click on the video below for the full interview but here are a few quotes from our interview with the cast and director on how The Woman King impacted them.

A Woman King’s Impact

Viola Davis:

"I cannot pull out one element of it, it is one experience and I can honestly say every single element of it will stay with me….to be able to work with a group of black women, young women, and we were seen,  they saw me and I saw them."

John Boyega

"It was healing for me personally because prior to that I just wanted to work with more black people. I just wanted to have the culture on set, to see opportunities being given behind the camera. To see performers right in front of me, black, especially a darker brown skin because we know about colorism and the way in which they’ve been marginalized up to date. So for me to see almost like a mini city of creatives who aren’t just there because of who they are who are there also because of the talent I was inspired by this."

Gina Prince-Blythewood

"I hope it can inspire in not only me and women but the world about seeing these women differently,  seeing their strength, seeing their vulnerability as strength, so I’m hoping absolutely that this can spark conversation and spark change."