Can you truly escape a gang? Guests on Isiah Factor weigh in

The shooter wanted in the tragic shooting of rapper Nipsey Hussle has been arrested.

That man is identified as Eric Holder, 29. He was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon. Police say he is a member of a gang. 

Nipsey Hussle was shot in front of his Los Angeles store Sunday afternoon. The 33-year-old died at the hospital.

Two other people were shot, but they survived. The common thread here with all of this-- gang ties.

Hussle was a former gang member who turned his life around, and Holder is still an active gang member who had a personal dispute with Hussle.

Can you truly escape a gang? That's one of the questions guests answered as we continue to explore the death of Nispey Hussle, a Grammy-nominated rapper who was on a mission to rebuild his community, but was gunned down in his prime.