Business owner speaks out after equipment was stolen twice

Frank Redix, who owns Galaxie Lawn & Landscaping, stores some of his lawn equipment at Alief Westwood Storage off Boone Road. Within the last three months his equipment has been stolen twice.

“Two times in three months, you know, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth,” said Redix. “The first time it happened, you know, we jumped up. Monday morning I was back at it,  had an extra trailer, had extra equipment, bought some new stuff and the guys were back at work.”

The truck that hauls the equipment and trailer were both stolen during the first theft on October 15. The truck was later found.

“The second time it happened, it did, it hit me pretty hard,” said Redix.

And the second time, it was caught on camera. Video shows Redix’s full trailer being pulled out of storage by the criminals on December 19, less than two months from the first theft. Equipment which had just been replaced now gone again.

“The equipment, the $40,000 worth of equipment is just a loss to us so it’s just a loss that we have to take,” said Redix.

Surveillance video from the same location, but on Christmas night shows a security guard walk and point at a truck as it drives away crashing through a gate at Alief Westwood Storage.

Houston Police have yet to identify a vehicle and suspects, but photos from the December 19 theft and the Christmas night incident all involve what looks like a white F-250 extended cab truck. No connection has been made as investigators are still looking into this case, but Redix believes they are tied together.

“I think they are just combing the place, looking for stuff, peeping through storage units and just getting what they can,” said Redix.

If you have any information on this case, you’re being asked to call the Houston Police Department.