Burrito wedding: Virginia teen loved her burrito so much, she 'married' it (PHOTOS)

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When you’re a teenager, you might find yourself loving something so much you “want to marry it.” Like a dress, or a car, or in the case of one Virginia girl—a burrito.

Laura René tells FOX 5 her daughter, Emma, has always loved to cook with her, and she, like many girls her age, is both creative and hilarious. She also shares her mom’s passion for photography (her mom is a professional photographer in Loudoun County). Over the years they’ve come up with some cute ideas for photo shoots—but her mom says this was one of their best yet.

On a Thursday last month, mother and daughter were together in the kitchen cutting up ingredients for burritos. In a blog post, Laura René writes that she was getting onto Emma for trying to eat the guacamole they were making. As they started dinner, Emma made her own burrito, complete with a “rather large heaping” of hot sauce, and stared at her burrito while her family filled their plates.

“Emma took her first bite and nearly melted into her chair. Turning to me she said, “I would marry this burrito if I could!” and went back to eating her food. Seconds later, with a slow turn of her head, she looked at me and said “Mom… I know what we’re doing this weekend… It has to happen. I’m in love with him (her burrito), and nothings going to change that,’” René wrote.

And the idea for their “burrito wedding” was born. On the next warm, sunny day, Emma and her beloved (burrito) would be wed, and there would-- thanks to her mom-- be stunningly beautiful pictures to prove it. Emma was photographed wearing a beautiful flowered dress, with flowers in her hair, holding her burrito wrapped in aluminum foil—and in one photo, the ring, wrapped around a Taco Bell Fire sauce packet. The pictures were just as gorgeous as they would have been at an actual wedding, only this was all burrito love.

“The results were breathtaking… and delicious,” her mom writes.

On Cinco de Mayo, her mom posted the photos on Facebook: “Her dream finally came true! There is SO much love between her and her burrito!”