Bullied Texas 9-year-old honored with NYC tour from NYPD

Michael Martinez, a resilient 9-year-old boy from Texas, is cherishing every moment of his extraordinary visit to the Big Apple. The once-in-a-lifetime trip was granted to him after enduring bullying last year when he proudly attended career day dressed as a police officer. 

Martinez was pushed from his wheelchair by another student over his career day outfit, but despite living with cerebral palsy, Michael's passion for law enforcement remained unshaken.

His reliance garnered local media attention, which ultimately led to an outpouring of support from law enforcement officers in the Houston area. They invited him for a memorable ride-along experience and set the stage for his dream journey to New York City.

Joseph Imperatrice, the Founder of Blue Lives Matter NYC, expressed his overwhelming joy, stating, "My heart is so full to see New York City rally around this little boy who was bullied in Houston, Texas. From the Mayor's precious time to the Port Authority and New York State Police, everyone wanted to meet Michael and show him that bullying isn't cool. He has friends all over this nation, from Houston to New York."

"If we could put a smile on his face, it makes the world a better place," said Paul DiGiacomo, President of the Detectives' Endowment Association.

During his trip to the city, the proud Texan had the honor of meeting New York City Mayor Eric Adams. 

For Martinez, the entire experience was nothing short of "amazing."