Brian Coulter found guilty of killing 8-year-old boy, sentenced to life in prison

Brian Coulter, the man found guilty of killing 8-year-old Kendrick Lee, will spend the rest of his life in prison. 

After three days of testimony, the judge gave Coulter a guilty verdict of capital murder. 

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Brian Coulter stood as the judge gave his sentence with no reaction to it. 

Just minutes before, the prosecution gave their final statements, which included gruesome images of the apartment bedroom on Greencrest where the boys were held for over a year.

The courtroom was frozen as images of the boys’ skeletal remains lied underneath a blanket. His remains were in the room with his brothers.

The brothers testified last week, saying they witnessed Coulter beating their brother to death. 

Here's some of what 178th Criminal District Court Judge Kelli Johnson said to Coulter.

"One of the most horrific set of facts that I've ever had to witness, to listen to, and to imagine. And sir, those children have haunted me this last week. They have haunted my mind, and they have interrupted my safe space when I leave this building."

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Following the verdict, the prosecution spoke about the courage the brothers had to testify.

"It's never a fun thing to make a child re-live a traumatic event or make them talk about it, so we obviously want to strike a balance between finding justice for their brother, Kendrick, and making them talk about what was truly a terrible moment in their lives," said Celeste Byrum, Harris County Assistant District Attorney.

"You know, making them re-live it, is something that is a really difficult thing and as long as they tell the truth, that's the big thing," said Edward Applebaum, Harris County Assistant District Attorney.

The criminal trial for the co-defendant, the children's mother, Gloria Williams, will be happening soon. 

The defense declined to speak with the press after the verdict was given.