Brian Coulter trial: New details revealed in 8-year-old's murder case

The devastating trial continues for Brian Coulter who was charged with the murder of an 8-year-old back in 2021.

According to court records, 31-year-old Coulter was accused of killing his girlfriend's son, Kendrick Lee, in an apartment in the 3500 block of Green Crest near Westpark Tollway and leaving the body there with his siblings.

During the trial on Thursday, the court heard from two children who were in the home with Coulter and recalled their heartwrenching memories of the day their brother died.

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*Caution: These details may be difficult to read.*

One of Lee's brothers told the court how Coulter abused Lee using his fist and it would "hurt" when they saw Lee being hit. "No. He’s dead. I know that he died. I was in the room when Kendrick died." 

According to the sibling, the 31-year-old put a blanket on top of Lee and he died. The young boy's body stayed there for a long time with the siblings, with the child reporting they peaked through the blanket seeing bugs and bones. The child was "horrified" by what they saw.

Court records state only the child’s skeletal remains were found when police arrived at the home back in October 2021.

The child claimed Coulter beat Lee because he was being selfish by drinking all the water that was in the room.

Lee's mother, Gloria Williams, lived in the apartment with her son's decomposing corpse for months from November 2020 to March 2021, before she left her other children behind, to live with the body alone, court reports revealed.

Williams was receiving $2,000 a month for three of her kids who are disabled, including Lee, but according to the prosecutor, Williams continued receiving money for the 8-year-old even after he was dead.


While the three siblings lived alone in an empty, filthy apartment with no furniture or food, Williams and Coulter’s apartment, 25 minutes away, was furnished and had plenty of groceries, according to investigators.

Williams was charged with Injury To a Child by Omission, Tampering With a Corpse, and Serious Bodily Injury to a Child with her total bond set to $1.5 million. Her next court date is scheduled for April 19.