Boy gets stuck in restaurant's claw machine

Firefighters in Titusville, Florida on Wednesday rescued a boy got stuck inside a Beef-o-Brady's claw machine, because he really wanted a stuffed animal. 

Mason was enjoying his food when curiosity got the best of him.  In surveillance video, you can see Mason climbing into the machine, through a small door where the toys normally drop out, and then, he became trapped.

"Oh, I climbed in the hole," Mason explained, "trying to get the teddy bears."

"He went in, but obviously he couldn't come back out the same way," Battalion Chief Gregory Sutton said. 

"I panicked, because I didn't know if he could breathe," said Mason's mom, Amanda Polchlopek.

Officials said Mason was never in any distress, as there was an off-duty firefighter present who assessed the situation.  An engine was sent over and Fire and Emergency Services officials were able to get Mason out in short order, with minimal damage to the game. 

They went on to say that Mason returned to his dinner afterwards. Amanda said, after it was all over, Mason went right back into play mode.

"He ran straight to get the toys that he had put down below," she said. "I think he learned his lesson."



Some information from the Associated Press