Border security or education what does Texas need? What's Your Point? June 2,2017

What's Your Point? June 2,2017

The panelists: Steve Toth, former state representative; Tomaro Bell, neighborhood leader; Jacob Monty, immigration attorney and a Republican, Marcus Davis, radio host of "Sunday Morning Live"; Gene Wu, State Representative; Kathleen McKinley, conservative blogger; join Greg Groogan to discuss the topics of the day.


The Texas Legislature did not appreciably increase funding for public school, yet border security was fully funded at $800 million. Lt. Governor Dan Patrick explains, "Congress has not fully funded or appropriated to do the things the President wants, so we have to stay on the job until we see that money flow, until we see real changes being made, we will continue to do our job to secure the border/"

The Federal budget approved in May did include an additional $1.5 billion for border security. Is this what Texans want?