Body, car found in search for missing woman

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Texas EquuSearch and Liberty County Sheriff's Office deputies have found a car with a body inside it submerged in the Trinity River. Authorities said the car's make and license plate matches the description of the vehicle driven by 48-year-old Jennifer Scott-Perkins, who was reported missing on Jan. 2. Investigators said she was last seen driving away from her Houston home.

Investigators recovered a gray 2012 Chrysler sedan from the bottom of the Trinity River at FM 787 in Cleveland, Texas on Sunday afternoon.

"The front bumper was off the car and the hood was up and that’s happened several times when the car hits the water," said Tim Miller, founder of Texas EquuSearch. "It appears as though she may have been going at a very high rate of speed."

Authorities believe the body inside the car belongs to Scott-Perkins.

Deputies said information based on Scott-Perkins’ last known whereabouts from family, friends and cell phone pings led investigators to the area roughly three weeks ago.

"There was some indication that she may have some personal issues and may wish to harm herself," said Captain Ken DeFoor with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office "And this was the most logical place based on witness statements from family and friends."

However, investigators said that search was halted due to dangerous river conditions and successfully resumed Sunday using sonar technology to find the car’s exact location.

"Investigators contacted the family and let them know we got a vehicle and there is a body in the vehicle," said Miller. "You know it’s probably her, but we’re going to wait for the medical examiner."

Once again, authorities said they will wait for autopsy results from the medical examiner’s office to officially confirm whether the body belongs to Scott-Perkins.

Law enforcement is also still working to figure out what exactly happened leading up to the death.