Bellaire celebrates chilly weather on Halloween

A lot of kids wore coats with their costumes while trick-or-treating Halloween evening, but the cold temperatures aren’t scaring Bellaire residents away from the tradition.

At the Bouncing Boo Bash at Betsy’s at Evelyn Park, the organizers chose not to change plans, despite forecasts of temperatures in the 40s. Turns out a lot of parents and kids at the event were excited about the chilly air.

“It’s great,” said JJ Campbell, whose 3-year-old daughter dressed as a snowman. “It’s been too hot for so long, so it’s nice, and we’ve got her bundled up inside the costume.”

“Yeah, cold winter, but I think it’s better for Halloween costumes,” said Stephanie Miller, whose two-week-old son dressed as a pumpkin. “They’re always hot anyway.”

Bellaire city officials say they’re expecting a large number of trick or treaters on their streets. They’re warning drivers to stay alert to children on the streets between 5:00 and 9:00 p.m.

Health experts say don’t let chilly weather scare you away from a happy Halloween.

“It’s just a matter of making sure they are really properly bundled up and wearing coats,” said Professor Julieana Nichols from Baylor College of Medicine. “It’s not so cold that you’re gonna actually get sick from it, so really it’s fine. Obviously you don’t want to go out if your child’s already sick—if they have a fever.”

For kids on the S and T’s Halloween party bus, the weather is not so much of an issue.

“They are gonna be nice and snuggly,” said Stephanie Jennings, owner of the party bus. “They can jump off the bus, go trick or treat, get back on, and be nice and warm.”