Babbling Creek Drive shooting: Authorities investigating deadly afternoon shooting, suspect in custody

We're learning new details after a deadly afternoon shooting in Houston on Sunday afternoon. 

Officials said the shooting occurred just after 2:30 p.m. in the 3700 block of Babbling Creek Drive. 

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It all started, officials said, when they received a call for an assault in progress that came from a inside a home on the street and that there was a possible shooting. 

About seven minutes later, a second call was received from a neighbor who reported hearing gunshots and said there was a suspect outside who told her to call police. 

Officials said officers arrived at the same time and immediately started taking fire. 

Police said the suspect, who has not yet been identified, was waiting for the officers to arrive to shoot at them. 

The officers reported that they continued taking shots for about one minute or so until the suspect ran out of weapons or the weapon discharged and he stopped. 

No officers were injured in the shooting with the suspect. However, the officer's vehicle did sustain seven shots from multiple caliber weapons. 

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Photo of the weapon recovered (Houston Police Department)

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The suspect then moved toward officers with his hands up, and he was taken into custody without any further incident. 

Officers later went into the house and found two children who were hiding in a closet unharmed. Those children have since been turned over to relatives. 

However, authorities said they did find a woman in her 20s, inside the home with a gunshot wound. 

Officials said all parties, the suspect and the victims, were related, but not by marriage. 

It's unclear what led up to the shooting as that is part of the investigation. 

The responding officers reported that the suspect may have been having a mental crisis, based on what the suspect was saying to the officers. 

Authorities also said several bullets that were fired did enter some of the neighbor's homes across the street. 

All weapons involved in the shooting have been recovered, authorities said. 

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing.