Attempted robber caught and caught on camera

The manager of Bambu Desserts and Drinks didn't want his face shown, but through the broken glass door of his shop he described what happened just hours ago.

"A customer walked in, what I thought was a customer, and I was sitting in my office and then when I saw my employees face light up like she was scared I knew something was wrong, so I grabbed my gun," he says. "Before I could un-holster my gun, the suspect ran across the store into the back, he put the gun to my head and he said 'drop the gun, drop the gun' and then I dropped the gun and he told me to open the safe."

Instead of doing that, he was able to wrestle the suspect down to the ground and grab his gun.

"Finally I took the gun and I cocked it back while he was still holding me. He gave me one last push to give some distance and then when he started running, I started shooting at him," he says.

In the surveillance video you can see it all play out. The manager then tried to run after the suspect, eventually he turned around and dialed 911. Harris County deputies arrested the alleged suspect shortly after.

The manager says someone tried to rob the shop about three days ago and that he believes it was the same person.