Astroworld Lawsuit: Judge to decide scope of cell phone evidence

Just how much cell phone evidence will be allowed to be presented in the Astroworld crowd crush lawsuit? That's what a judge is trying to decide.

When the Houston Police Department subpoenaed and issued warrants for certain cell phone data regarding the Astroworld tragedy, HPD received a whole lot more than expected.

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With the start of the trial just two weeks away to determine if anyone will be held civilly responsible for the crowd crush at the 2021 Astroworld Music Festival that killed 10 people and injured hundreds of others, it's now being decided exactly what evidence will be allowed to be presented. 

For instance, of the dozens of defendants in the case, including promoters, organizers and performer Travis Scott, some of the individuals who had their cell phone records turned over to the Houston Police Department by Apple are challenging the scope and amount of the data obtained.

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Justice Terry Jennings has been appointed to conduct an independent review and determine just how much of the information that was released will be admitted into court for the Astroworld crowd crush civil lawsuit.

Last year, a grand jury ‘no billed’ Scott and several others, choosing not to file criminal charges against them.

The judge in the case, Judge Kristen Brauchle Hawkins, announced Tuesday, she will likely have a decision Wednesday or Thursday regarding if Scott will be dismissed from the lawsuit, just as Drake was.

Judge Hawkins also says she will not be allowing cameras in court when the trial for the civil lawsuit that begins on May 6.