Astros skeleton game underway in Willis

Patty Norman started decorating her yard for her neighbors with skeletons during the pandemic in October 2020 with different skeleton scenes set-ups every week.

Both her son and her husband played baseball, along with the daughter of a good friend, who helped her make the uniform pants for all the skeletons.

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Norman said, "I wanted to do something skeletons, but friendly, and we’ve done different scenes. But this is the first year to do baseball, it’s the first year to do Astros and what year we picked."

She’s been rolling out weekly scenes since the ALDS. Although the players are not identified by name, there is a player for every position.


Norman, who is originally from Cleveland, says, "I’m from Ohio, but I was fortunate to be at game five of the World Series in 2017, which was an exciting game, the most exciting pro game I’ve ever been to. I'm an Astros fan now, Cleveland second."

Patty’s display is located in a private subdivision in Willis, Texas. If you’re lucky enough to see it, you’re more than welcome to take a pic.