Astros player and his wife turning the baseball diamond into a field of dreams

When it comes to the Astros, what if I tell you we already know who the winner is even before the final game? How you might ask? Well, in this Positively Houston, we are happy to announce the winners are all of the Houstonians on the receiving end of the many charities the Astros players and their wives contribute to.

"We have the Correa Family Foundation and we’ve had it for a couple years now," Daniella Correa explains. 

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Houston Astros Shortstop Carlos Correa and his wife Daniella’s non-profit foundation specializes in helping kids battling childhood cancer. "We know the times they go through are very, very difficult and having to focus on doctors appointments and their health, at the same time their family is going through a lot of financial struggles. So we like to be there for them to help them out through that," says Mrs. Correa.  

So the Correa’s not only provide financial assistance "Whether it’s like hotels or meals or gas money. That’s how we provide help to them."

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The Correa Family Foundation also turns the baseball diamond into a field of dreams for many little ones who get to escape and just be fans for a day instead of cancer patients. "We have a Warrior of the Month and every month a patient is picked from a hospital and is brought to the field. They get a chance to go to batting practice. They meet the guys. Sometimes they go to the Diamond Club and eat all the fun food and have great seats," smiles Mrs. Correa. Although COVID has changed that a bit. "This year we did things a little different and we brought 12 kids at the end of the regular season," she explains but even as the Correa’s create such special memories for these youngsters, they too have received something they never expected.

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"We started this foundation hoping we were going to change their lives but in actuality they have changed our lives. They have shown us the true meaning of how to enjoy life," smiles Mrs. Correa who is also working to fight against human trafficking.