Astros fans are taking matters into their own hands

Astros fans are going all out to support the home team. While we’ve met some pretty diehard ‘Astros fans, some should probably be called more like extreme Astros enthusiasts. 
For instance, who out of the blue, hits the road in an RV packed with eight kids and four adults, driving from Houston to Washington in hopes of cheering the Astros to a World Series win in person? The Crawfords and the Stricklands that’s who.

“We work and we never really make time for these moments and my husband just said we’re going,” smiles Jaqueline Crawford via video chat. The two Houston area families have twelve tickets to Game 4 in DC.  So they’re on the road right now taking the 22-hour trek.

“This is truly going to be a time to make memories and we’re just so happy and give God the glory to be able to do this. We’re going to make the best of it and we’re going to root for our team,” Crawford adds.

One Astros fan isn’t taking a chance that cheering for the Astros on Nationals turf will do the trick. 

“I told myself it’s time to take matters into my own hands,” laughs Tommy Angel, who put on an all out seance right in his living room in hopes of turning the luck around. The video he made is complete with candles and prayer. He then posted it, to the delight of other Astros fans on Facebook.

“It was a little bit of a joke, but it was also a little bit of I think there’s something happening to our Astros where they’ve got some bad mojo put on them,” Angel admits but what happens if, after all the holy water and the evil fending egg, which are both featured in the video, victory still isn’t ours?

“Well we might have to do part two,” laughs Angel.