Art teacher helps Santa Fe heal with painting

Art teacher Doug Hiser doesn't live in Santa Fe anymore but his heart never leaves his hometown.

"My father graduated from there, I graduated from there and played football there, my son graduated from there a few years back," said Hiser.

Like the rest of Santa Fe, Hiser's heart broke on May 18 following the deadly mass shooting at Santa Fe High School.

"I cried and I've cried ever since," said Hiser.

Years ago, Hiser wrote a book about Santa Fe titled "The Honey Bee Girl."

The tragic school shooting prompted his artistic side to create the painting called "Ten Feathers."

"I dreamed this painting and I woke up the next morning," said Hiser. "I have to do this painting! I'll give it to the art department. I went to school and got two of my best art students to work with me and they painted it in a day."

Hiser said that painting the names of the ten shooting victims left tears on the canvas. He has received an overwhelming response to the painting.

With the help of Vivid Graphics, Hiser will be selling the painting in prints and other items.

All the proceeds from sales of the pieces will benefit an annual scholarship for a Santa Fe art student.

"I'm still overwhelmed when people tell me it makes them cry," said Hiser. "I know it's a powerful painting.

Hiser's eyes filled with tears as he talked about the response he has received.

"I think in a way, it's healing people," said Hiser. "It makes them proud of what Santa Fe symbolizes and it's pulling people together.

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