Anti-bullying video carries empowering message

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There’s no shortage of social experiment videos with a focus on bullying. But a recent effort from Up TV, as part of an anti-bullying initiative, is picking up views this week thanks to its hopeful and empowering message.

The short video shows two girls loudly bullying a younger girl only for a selection of bystanders to admonish them.

The video was filmed in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in late September, and shows organic reactions from concerned members of the public.


"You definitely do need make up," one of the "bullies" says to the young girl. A woman sitting nearby comes to her defense saying, "No she do not."

As the girls are shown saying cruel things to the young girl, more adults at the same bus stop are shown stepping up for her.

"Want someone to do that to you?" Another woman is seen saying. "You think it's funny?"

The campaign is to show that if we come together, and stand up for one another, we can stop bullying.

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