Alternative Father's Day idea

If you're still needing to get your dad something for Father's Day, one nonprofit is encouraging you to donate to those who do not have parents.

"For Father's Day several sponsors have signed up to match gifts donated by the general public and my daughter took advantage of that and for my Father's Day gift she sent me a certificate in my name contributing to The Miracle Foundation", says Bob Tierney.

The Miracle Foundation has a goal of helping children at orphanages around the world by providing food, clothing, medical needs and even college.

"The business model for this group is outstanding, they actually go out and adopt orphanages around the world and promote their program within these orphanages", says Tierney.

We talked with a few dads and asked them what they would think if they received a card telling them their children had donated to the cause.

"I think that's sweet, I think that's awesome because you're teaching your children to basically pay it forward", says Robert Jackson.

"I would love it because that means they are doing more for the community than me, me being a single father a widower ya I would enjoy that", says Jimmy Lewis.

If you would like to donate go to: