Aircraft crashes in La Porte area, killing two

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Officials have identified two people who died when their aircraft crashed in La Porte on Sunday morning.

The occupants of the aircraft were positively identified by the Harris County Medical Examiner to be John Stewart Boyd, 93, and Gary Stewart Boyd, 64. Both men are from The Woodlands.

Right across the street from James Estes’ home in a field by the La Porte Municipal Airport sits a small two seater experimental plane.

Estes talks about what he saw when he returned from church Sunday morning, “When I came home I saw the partial plane sticking up in the air with the tail up and I had heard through services that a plane had crashed.”

La Porte police say the plane was a 1992 Kolb Twin Star III. The pilot was approaching the north side of the airport when it went down in a pipeline easement.

Terry Thorn lives nearby and is a pilot himself. He says, “it has happened quite a few times over here, people have made emergency landings because they have run out of fuel or something like that but the most common problem is over shooting the runway and then trying to pull back and correct it and when they do they are pulling back on the yoke and you are lifting the nose and you have a tendency to stall and you are already low so you don’t have much room to recover.

Two people were inside the plane and both were pronounced dead at the scene. Records show that the planes owner was from Louisiana, but that someone in Seabrook bought it two days before the accident.

The FAA, Texas DPS, NTSB and La Porte Police Department continue their investigation.