Administrators can't tell student or parent what grade he's in

"I want to be in the fourth grade," said Clint Gillespie.

"On the roster, it states he's in the fourth grade," said Clint's mom Terrie Campbell.

When Clint first arrived at La Marque Elementary School on Monday morning, he was a fourth grader.

But his mother says that quickly changed after Clint's third grade teacher told them this.

"He's not supposed to be in the fourth grade I failed him," Campbell said.

Campbell showed us a document she says proves her son passed summer school and is now a fourth grader.

But she says the principal told her Clint failed and must repeat the third grade.

Something no parent wants to hear on the first day of school.

"I mean that's ridiculous my child was eager he was ready for the fourth grade," Campbell said. "It's heartbreaking to have to go through this especially a child."

"My third grade teacher came in and she took me out and put me back into the third grade," Clint said.

So how did that make the little guy feel?

"Like I was going to start crying again," Clint said. "All the kids saw it."

Campbell says Assistant Superintendent Marcia McMahon told her Clint is in the fourth grade but she says the principal is adamant that he's not.

The assistant superintendent told us told us the same thing the boy is registered as a fourth grader.

But Campbell says she was told the district is still trying to figure out what grade the boy's in.