Activists demand release of video in fatal officer-involved shooting

It took 13 months and a judge’s order before the Chicago police video of Laquan Macdonald was released.

“13 months later we find out that truth and justice did not match,” said Rev. E.A. Deckard.

Could that also be the case here in Houston with the 2014 shooting death of Jordan Baker?

“Jordan Baker was unarmed,” said community activist Deric Muhammad.

Baker who has no criminal history was a burglary suspect as far as HPD Officer Juventino Castro was concerned.

A foot chase between the cop and Baker ended with Baker dead.

“Shot several times by the officer,” said Muhammad.

Officer Castro was no billed by a Harris County Grand Jury.

“We always felt that something just wasn’t right about that no bill,” Muhammad said. “We felt like there was a missing piece to the puzzle.”

During all the city hall debates about officers wearing body cams it was learned that a video exists of Jordan Baker’s arrest.

“We do not know what is on the video,” Muhammad said. “That is indeed the problem.”

A problem indeed for the city of Houston community activists say.

“We’ve only heard one side of the story when it comes to Jordan Baker,” said Muhammad. “And that was the side of the officer.”

As far as these folks are concerned if HPD has nothing to hide then release the video.

“Police officers lie,” Muhammad said. “Cameras do not.”

In a statement HPD says officer Castro’s actions were in compliance with departmental policy and state law.

So why is the department not releasing the video?

Due to possible civil litigation HPD says and on the advice of the city attorney.