'Absolutely shameless:' Montrose area residents warn others about porch pirate, wedding mementos stolen

What is supposed to be an all-around lovely time for Katie and Max Degwitz, newly married and fresh off of a honeymoon, ended after they learned a porch pirate hit their home not only once, but twice.

"Really shameless, absolutely shameless," says Max Degwitz, husband. "This gentleman just walks up our driveway, in front of our camera, which is very visible, and just invites himself, and checks on the packages to see which one he likes best. Grabs one, and just walks off with a limp nonchalant."

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Right before speaking with FOX 26 Tuesday, a neighbor alerted them to a gift receipt after finding another package stolen today. Katie says the packages were filled with wedding gifts.

"This has never happened before. Then while we are gone on our honeymoon, two different packages, we just learned about the second one got stolen today," says Max.

The couple says the first package was stolen Thursday night or Friday morning from their home in the Montrose area.

Inside were precious mementos, original family photos, and her wedding veil that she hoped to pass down.

"Losing those pictures, that's just something I can't replace," says Katie.


They say a police report has been filed, and that they even had a friend come by to check on the packages.

"Today, I got a call from another officer who watched us in news, and saw the security camera footage, and he tells me that a suspect who has the same limp and looks very similar, has been arrested seven times already," says Max.

"For similar things stealing packages," says Katie.

"If getting this out helps to prevent situations happening like this in the future, then I take solace in that," says Max.