Houston-area ranch struggles after storm knocks out power, water for horses

On Monday, the horses at Freeman Ranch and Stables finally got a sip of fresh water after not having it accessible since Thursday. The storm wiped out dozens of trees, power lines, and a water main on the property. 

"It's devastating," said Laurie Webb Freeman.

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Her husband, Derek Freeman, owns the ranch. It's been in his family for generations.

"We're just taking it day by day," said Derek. 

The 900 acres is home to 80 horses and 150 cattle. The horses are boarded there by multiple different owners. We're told among them are rescues, therapy horses, and many beloved pets, really considered family. 

The property is covered in fallen trees and sharp debris. Laurie and Derek say they're so grateful that none of the horses were hurt. 

"God's hand was on the ranch. We feel that very strongly," said Laurie. 

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Days without water can be deadly for a horse, but luckily Enchanted Gardens and the Waller Fire Department came out Monday with hundreds of gallons of water donations. 

"Enchanted garden, if it wasn't for Joey bringing out 500 gallons of water, we would have had horses going down every hour," said Janice, a woman who boards her horse at the ranch. 

While the well water pump is working, for now, Laurie says there's no promise it'll stay that way. 

"We have water because we have well water, but not a way to get it to the horses without electricity," she said. 

The generators they have will continue to pump the well water as long as they can. In the meantime, Laurie says what the ranch really needs are some helping hands to clear debris, trees, and re-build fences. 

"Help would be just amazing," she said. 

If you want to volunteer and help the ranch, you can email them at freemanranch@outlook.com or visit their website here.