7 years since Ali Lowitzer went missing

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Almost seven years ago to the day, Joann Lowitzer's daughter Ali went missing.

"Not knowing what happened to your child is just a roller coaster of emotions", says Lowitzer.

She recalls what happened that day, Ali was supposed to get off the school bus and walk to work. After texting her daughter and not hearing from her for several hours, she got worried. "I drive up in front and all the lights are out, all the chairs are on the tables and nobody was there. I knew that minute deep down inside that something was wrong", says Lowitzer.

Sunday afternoon the Lowitzer family and their friends got together to hold a fundraiser to raise money for Ali's reward fund.

The family started volunteering with Texas Equusearch over the years to help other families going through similar situations.

Koy Murphy, a family friend and Texas Equusearch volunteer says, "I would say call the police first and see what steps they need to take".

"I think a lot of the families network together which also is a good way to get educated and help find ways to find your loved ones," says Char Wilford who also knows the Lowitzer's though Texas Equusearch.

Joann says the years have been hard not knowing where her daughter went, but she says she will never give up hope in finding her. "As hard as it is to look for your child, you have to get out there and you have to do it yourself." says Lowitzer.