39th Annual Super Feast draws thousands to Houston

There's arguably no bigger Thanksgiving feast in Houston than the one that took place at the George R. Brown Convention Center on Thanksgiving.

The 39th Annual Super Feast drew out an estimated 25,000. Those who came were treated to a live band, offered flu shots, clothing, even haircuts.

"You got people showing love and it's nice. It's really nice," says Lee who prefers to go by 'Batman' while sitting in a makeshift barber's chair. "Means a lot to be honest with you because a lot of people don't have that option to do it on Thanksgiving Day."

Houston and surrounding communities serving one community.

"We're Houstonians. This is how we kind of give back on a mass scale," said owner and CEO of Goodfellas BARbershop in League City, Joaquin Herrera.

On this day where thankfulness brings us together, some choosing to serve a city that has been through a lot this year.

"I wanted to come out. I knew it was going to be a lot of people coming in because of Harvey and I just wanted to donate my time and do something positive," said Kadina Seals who volunteered along with her two children.

Volunteers were as plenty as the warm food served to those who waited in the long line that wrapped throughout the GRB.

"You think you're helping people coming here to volunteer, but it's the other way around. Every time you leave, they help you," said Anuradha Masand who recently became and U.S. citizen and wanted to serve her country in this special way on this very thankful day.