32nd Comida/Food Drive kicks off Nov. 30

People in Houston are being encouraged to step up in a big way as the season of giving approaches with one of the largest food campaigns for the Houston Police Department.

The 32nd Annual Comida/Food Drive will launch on Thursday, Nov. 30 , ending on Sunday, Dec. 3.

"Whether you ask for help or not, if we recognize there's a need, Houstonians will step up to meet those needs," says Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner.

"The whole stigma of people asking for help because they're lazy and don't want to work is complete and utter BS," said Katt Chernow, who tells FOX 26 News that she's living on the streets following Hurricane Harvey.

"Heading into the holidays, we need a place to stay," said Chernow.

"A lot got impacted by Harvey, but many more were not impacted by Harvey, so if you weren't impacted by Harvey, you were blessed and if you were blessed, let's share that blessing around by helping out others," said Houston Police Department Chief Art Acevedo.

A call by city leaders, gathering at the Fiesta Mart at 800 South Wayside Drive, asked those who made Houston strong during Harvey to step up again during this drive.

"Whenever the food drives do come around and I'm doing well, I always tend to help out myself, too, because I know what it feels like on the other side," said Chernow. "God does some crazy and strange things right when you need it the most and I'm very grateful for that, too."

In addition to groceries that can be donated at select Fiesta Mart locations, you can give online beginning on Thursday. Organizers say $72,000 was raised in 2016 and the hope is to exceed that in 2017.