3 abandoned kids found in Spring roadway, another in home: HCSO

Four young children found abandoned in a Spring neighborhood are believed to have been left alone for up to two days, the Harris County Sheriff's Office says.

Authorities say three children were found standing in the roadway on Thursday night, and a 1-year-old child was found inside of a house.

The mother and father were later located at a motel along Highway 6 near U.S. 290, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez says. The sheriff says three counts of child endangerment were filed against the mother, 27-year-old Angel Huff, and felony violation of bond conditions was filed against 31-year-old Markel Dorsey.


The children were found late Thursday night in the 4000 block of Cypress Hill Drive. 

Authorities say teenagers walking in the area saw three young children that appeared to be abandoned in the roadway. The teens told their parents, who called authorities.

The sheriff’s office says the oldest child was four years old, and the kids were in various stages of undress.

Inside an adjacent home, authorities say they found a 1-year-old child who had fallen out of its crib onto the floor. 

The home was unkempt and in disarray, the sheriff’s office says, and the refrigerator door was open with food scattered about. Authorities say the children, two boys and two girls, were dirty and wearing soiled diapers.

Sheriff Gonzalez said he found it "chilling" that one of the first things one of the children said was, "I think mommy is dead."

Child Protective Services and Emergency Medical Services also responded to the scene. Authorities say the children were assessed by EMS and weren’t found to have any immediate, life-threatening issues.

The sheriff said the children would likely be placed with a relative or someone who knows them.