29-year-old man gets second DWI and a third PR bond

A PR bond or personal recognizance bond means you don't have to put up any money to get out of jail.

You are giving your word that you will show up to court and you will not get arrested or get charged with any other crimes.

But in the case of 29-year-old Anthony Luhring you've got to wonder when enough is enough, Luhring is no stranger to the courtroom.

He's been convicted of drug possession credit card abuse and burglary.

In just the last 10 months he's been arrested three times.

Last April he was charged with DWI and got a PR bond.

"14 days later he was charged with driving with an invalid license," said an assistant DA during his probable cause hearing.

At that time Luhring was given a second PR bond and ordered not to drive or get arrested.

On Tuesday he's back in court charged with a second DWI.

For public safety reasons, the assistant DA told  Magistrate Lionel Castro the state was opposed to releasing Luhring on a third PR bond.

But Judge Castro gave Luhring yet another PR bond.

Houston Police Union President Joe Gamaldi released the following statement: 

"The Harris County Criminal Justice System has become a laughing stock. We lead the nation in DWI related deaths but yet we have non-elected magistrates giving PR bond after PR bond for DWI. Of course, this individual is going to do it again because there are absolutely no consequences to adhering to the multiple PR bonds they are already out on."

Judge Castro does orderLuhring to stop driving and stop drinking.

Now the question is where does Luhring live?

We went to the address on Don White Drive that's listed in his criminal court case summary.

We were told Luhring hasn't lived there for three years.