20-year-old repeat offender asks lame duck criminal district court judge to sentence him to probation

July 13, 2019, 15-year-old Jordon Angel was shot to death at an apartment in the 7300 block of Spring Cypress.

"First of all, he was my baby," said Jordon's mother Kimberly Booker-Angel.


A then 17-year-old Zaylyn Cooks told police the shooting was an accident. He was later charged with manslaughter.

Jordon's mother says she no longer believes the accident story.

"Just the night before, he had tried to rob somebody and shoot somebody. Then the month before, he had pistol whipped somebody," Booker said. "I'm thinking how can you put a gun to somebody's face, pull the trigger, and call that an accident?"

208th Criminal district Court Judge Greg Glass granted bond for Cooks three times.

"They let him bond out, and he went to a different county, got into more trouble, they let him bond out there with an ankle monitor," said Booker.


According to court documents, Cooks not only violated his bond conditions, he picked up aggravated robbery and evading arrest charges.

Cooks filed a motion asking Judge Glass, who lost in the primary, to sentence him to community supervision for manslaughter.

"I'm done with seeing my kid, I can look at his pictures on the wall. But I'm done with seeing my kid, so as long as I have to not see my kid, he has to not be able to see freedom," Booker said.

"What would he want to happen if it was his son that Zaylyn Cooks murdered?" said Angel family advocate Robin Bennett. "Be fair to the Angel family, and be fair to the community as well and sentence him the way he should be sentenced."

A scholarship fund has been set up in memory of Jordan, you can find out more by clicking here