2 Texas cities ranked among top 10 best in the country for work conferences, according to study

For businesses looking to host face-to-face conferences, why not consider Texas? 

A recent study by SmartAsset found Houston and San Antonio to be among the 10 best cities for work conferences in the U.S. 

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The report looked at several factors including affordability, travel accessibility, as well as hotel and dining options. 

Together, the findings led to Houston being ranked 9th best due to its considerable distance between downtown and the airport. 

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Houston was outranked, however, by San Antonio, which took 2nd place, right behind Las Vegas. This was because the study found the Alamo City to have the third-lowest average hotel room rate and fourth-lowest restaurant meal cost, and less distance between downtown and the airport. 

To read the full report by SmartAsset, click here.