2 arrested after high-speed chase that ended in a crash

It started as a chores and errands day for Maria Fernandez.

"It was a day off today," she explained removing clothing and bags from the car.

But when she was sitting at the intersection of Crosstimbers and Lockwood waiting for the light to change, she saw it. A police chase heading right at her. As the chase made it to the intersection, the suspect's car hit a minivan and then slammed into the Tahoe. Suddenly, armed police were everywhere.

"They said 'get out get out'. The other police came with the guns. Then we were afraid because we didn't know what was happening," she said.

What was happening was the violent end to a chase. It stated when a woman called 9-1-1 from the   Parque View Apartments. She said a man asked her for sex, put his hands on her and tried to get her into his car. Minutes later the police spotted the car and gave chase. You know how it ended. Police took a injured man and a woman into custody. Maria was fine. The man in the minivan was too, all things considered.

"Very scary. Thank God no more injuries. Just leg and back pain right now," said Ali Mohammad.

No word yet on charges against the couple.