14-year-old Houston girl with Lupus gets to be judge for day

A Houston judge is giving up her seat on the bench, but it’s just temporary and this isn’t a bad thing. In fact, this is something that’s Positively Houston.
When The Honorable Wanda Adams heard about 14-year-old Nevaeh Wade’s bucket list she said she had to do something to help. So she’s allowing the teenager to be a judge for a day. 

The first case Judge Nevaeh Wade is hearing? Judge Wanda Adams' staff is arguing if iPhone or Android is better. 

"I’m an iPhone user. So I couldn’t be fair in that situation," the 14-year-old laughs.  

The teenager’s day starts as Justice of the Peace pulling up in the lot, seeing her name on her very own parking spot. Once inside the courthouse, Judge Adams and her team surprise the teen with a robe and gavel, which she gets to keep, and we caught up with the 14-year-old preparing dockets in her judge’s chambers before entering the courtroom.  

"All rise. This Justice of the Peace Court Precinct 7, Place 1 is now in session. The Honorable Nevaeh Wade is presiding," the bailiff calls out. 


Then with several strikes of the gavel, Nevaeh announces "Court is now in session".

"It’s like one of the highest honors of serving our community, as judge. So I just wanted to do something special for her," says Judge Adams.   

"I love it. Well, it was overwhelming," smiles Nevaeh. 

Judge Adams is offering this incredible life experience because at only 14-years-old Nevaeh has a bucket list. She’s been battling Lupus for ten years and now it’s affecting her brain, heart and kidney. 

"One thing we always say ‘give somebody their flowers now’ and I’m hoping we were able to give her some of her flowers today while yet she can still smell them," Judge Adams adds.

"Just knowing that Nevaeh has so many people that love her. I have been fighting depression the last month due to not knowing if my baby was coming home from the hospital. I woke up with a whole new spirit yesterday," says Nevaeh’s Mom Eco Wade. 

"Case #12525" Nevaeh calls out from the bench, and for everyone within ear shot this judge orders "Don’t take life for granted," and the teen starts sobbing when describing why every moment is precious. 


Her mom leaves the room in tears and the teen’s aunts rush over to comfort her in their arms. Although there were lots of tears and hugs... "We know that God is a healer in everything. So that is my wish for her," Judge Adams says while choking back tears. "I pray that God will give her the additional time that she needs to be able to celebrate her family and heal her on this side if it’s His will".   

There were also plenty of smiles, laughter and appreciation as this amazing 14-year-old makes a memory of a lifetime. 

"Judge Adams is remarkable. It’s definitely something we will never forget, that we will always cherish and hold deep and close to our hearts. I just thank everyone who participated in this day for my daughter," says Nevaeh’s mom and with another strike of the gavel "Court is now adjourned," Nevaeh declares.