What she really wants for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is dreaded for many guys who try to please their lady with chocolate, flowers, or gifts. No matter what you get her, she doesn’t seem completely satisfied, and she’s probably not. That’s due to many things, but the number one thing is what she really wants she can’t explain. Telling you she wants more romance, more engagement and more time are easily tuned out, but what your woman really wants is to feel desired. Not just desired in the way that she’s your wife, the mother of your children and your spouse, but desired in the sense that she is the most impressive, irresistible woman you’ve ever laid eyes on. That’s not easy to do when you can’t look up from your phone or shut your computer off to talk.

Below are five ways you can show the woman you love how much you love her, but remember, desire can’t be faked and no matter what you buy for her, it will never be enough if she doesn’t feel adored and irreplaceable to you.

1. Take charge and arrange a date that will make her feel adored and exclusive. How does her love affect you? Count the ways and share it with her. If you have children plan childcare, take care of the details, and make her feel special.

2. Shut your gadgets off. Get off your cell phone, computers, and gadgets so you’re communicating with your words and eyes.

3. Show her affection in public. Put your arm around her or hold her hand, don’t be afraid to show others how you feel. Being vulnerable with her is important for building closeness and love.

4. Women want to know that you choose them completely, not because you’re married to them. If you can’t break the habit of looking at other women, then wear blinders when you go out. One of the most hurtful things you can do to your wife is checking out other women in their presence.

5. Let her know you’d choose her again and again. A woman wants to feel desired because you are totally into her. Women who don’t feel desired don’t feel like sharing intimacy. If you aren’t sure how to make her feel desired ask her. Being curious and wanting to please her makes her feel exclusive and prized.

Valentine’s Day is about making your loved one feel prioritized, desired, and valued over everyone else. You can’t buy that in a box or department store. You need to make the changes, value your relationship, and take charge of being her man to love and to hold