Finding Families: 16-year-old looking for loving family who likes doing things together

Teenagers who age out of foster care often have no one to turn to for help with getting a job, a car, or other important milestones. In this month’s FOX Finding Families, FOX 26 anchor Sally MacDonald introduces Houston to 16-year-old Cameron.

Cameron loves video games and basketball.

"I like sports, the outdoors. I’m not bad at cleaning. I prefer to clean over having a dirty place," he said.

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He lives in a group home because there aren’t enough foster parents in the Houston area. Even with that challenge, he does well in school.  But he knows he could excel even more if he was adopted by a loving family.

"I want to stop moving around from place to place.  I’ve changed six or seven schools, and that was just middle school," he says.

Depelchin Children’s Center works to break cycles of abuse and neglect and find permanent, loving homes for children like Cameron.

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"At Depelchin we provide ongoing training, classes, and emotional support to families to help our children in care as well as those being adopted," said Christina Hurst, who works with families at Depelchin.

To be eligible to adopt, you must be 21, in good physical health, pass a criminal background check and be able to financially provide for a child. The majority of the process is free or very low cost. 

"Texas provides medical and dental coverage and tuition coverage for in-state schools," said Hurst.


Cameron has a goal of going to Texas A&M and getting a job. His ideal family would love getting outside and doing things together.

"Getting an actual family that would care or does care.  Having a place to stay and someone there when I need help," he said.

To adopt Cameron or any other child, visit the Depelchin Children's Center website.