Your Legal Questions Answered: Insurance claim & suing day care

FOX 26 Senior Legal Analyst Chris Tritico answers viewers' questions.

1. "My son, his wife and four kids were displaced after flooding in Fort Bend County. They are living in an RV, trying to get their house back to living condition. They filed a claim for damages and now the mortgage company will not release their money. They are asking them to submit receipts for cost of repairs. The problem is they do not have the money to repair all areas due to the cost. Is it legal for a mortgage company to hold an insurance claim check from them? They have submitted the inspection with all damages and the market value of everything."

2. "I would like to know if I can sue my son's day care. If so, what is the time frame to sue? My special needs son was left alone in a park, during a field trip, for nearly two hours in the heat. The day care did not know that he was missing from the bus until the police were called. My son cannot communicate. I cannot get any answers. Now I'm getting the run around."