Talented Teen Looking For A Family to Adopt Him

Over the past decade, more than 200,000 teenagers have aged out of foster care at 18 without finding a forever family.  Dai-ren, 14, is hoping to be adopted before it's too late.

He plays the trombone, drums and piano and can also rap and sing.

"Music has helped me sometimes with my anger and emotions," he said.

"Time is running out for Dai-ren at 14 years old.  We want to find a family for him before 18, and he's released and does not have a family to call his own," said Atasha Kelley-Harris, Depelchin Children's Center.

He says he wants a family who will want to spend time with him.

"It will make me so proud," he says.

The state does provide college tuition assistance for families, also a monetary stipend the family can get and health care coverage.

To adopt Dai-ren or any other child, email info@depelchin.org