NFL player provides free camp to local kids

One very special football camp is going on where kids get the chance to learn from the professionals. Michael Thomas with the Miami Dolphins is a Houstonian and giving back to his community. He held his 3rd annual camp at the same place he played football in high school- WW Thorne Stadium in Aldine.

More than 100 middle school children participated in the first day of Camp Mike T. They’re getting the opportunity to learn football skills and drills. They’re also learning the importance of education and academics.

“It's vital for parents to play a major role for the kids. The parents are working, so it's hard for them to do everything with the kids. As much as they can, help them with their homework, at least talk about what is going on in school, it helps out with the kids because that way they know you care,” said Thomas. “As far as the kids, education is the key to success in life. That's what I have learned, all the resources I have had growing up it has been very helpful. That's what I’m trying to provide that for these kids back in Houston."

Thomas partnered with APEX Academy to provide this camp. Thomas will be moderating a community development town hall meeting tomorrow to discuss, in part, how to empower the Houston community.