How to protect your rodeo gear from the wet weather

The 2019 Rodeo season is off to a soggy start, so here are some tips and tricks to keep your trusty boots and hats bone dry. 

As far as boots are concerned, most are made of durable materials that are built to withstand the elements. The trick here is to keep your boots on until they are completely dry after walking around in the rain.

"Don't take them off wet, otherwise they'll shrink up and they aren't going to be comfortable," says Erica Rico from The New 93Q. "If you wear them until they're dry, these boots are yours forever."

Hats are a bit more sensitive. They need to be protected from the rain, which can be accomplished with a plastic cover, almost like a shower cap. 

Don't let the rain keep you at home this rodeo season, with these tips to keep your gear dry.