Finding Families: Boy in Foster Care Reconnects With Sister

May is National Foster Care Awareness month.  Many times siblings in foster care are separated and grow up not knowing one another, but Sally MacDonald introduces us to one boy who has reconnected with his sister years after the pair was torn apart.

Meshia aged out of the foster care system five years ago.  She began looking for Octavius and found her now 12-year-old brother through his caseworker. Depelchin Children's Center is hopeful Meshia can adopt him. 

"She will be able to receive financial assistance, health care for him.  Just as she has taken advantage of college tuition being paid she'll be able to take advantage of that for him as well, " said Atasha Kelley-Harris, Depelchin Children's Center.

Meshia is working on her nursing career and hopes to live independently soon.