Ask Mary Jo: Valentine's Day gift for male friend; Asking for something special

Hi Mary Jo,

Valentine’s Day is next week, and I have a male friend. Can I buy him a gift? He does have a girlfriend.


Dawn, I believe your thoughts come from a loving place, but getting your male married friend a personal gift would not be wise. It could create problems between he and his wife and cause a mistrust and rift between him, you and her. A better idea would be to get them a small gift they could both enjoy and include a card that tells them you appreciate their friendship. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Hi Mary Jo,

I am married to a wonderful sweetheart and Valentine’s Day is coming up. I want something special that day.  He says he gives me sweet things every day. Am I being too greedy to want something special on Valentine’s Day?


Sandra, it’s not greedy because Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a recognized day by millions to express your love. However, in your case with your sweet man, I would make sure to treat him with an expression of love as well. A card telling him the top 10 things you love most about him would be perfect! He sounds as though he adores you and that is the very best Valentine’s gift of all!