3D Technology enhances breast implants before surgery

When women are considering breast implants, they're often concerned about finding the right size and shape. A local plastic surgeon offers innovative technology that allows his patients to view side-by-side comparisons of how different implant sizes will look from any angle on their own frame. Dr. Mark Schusterman says it definitely takes the guesswork out of their surgery.

The technology shows patients what their own body would look like after surgery.

"We have a 3D imager that simulates what your body would look like after implants. It's incredible technology, and most of my patients love it. It helps them choose the right shape and size," explains Dr. Schusterman.

He goes on to tell us that it doesn't usually ever change a patient's mind about having surgery, it just helps them choose the size that fits them best.

"Once they come in - they're pretty determined to do the surgery, but they can't figure out what it will look like. They don't want to look too big, they want to look natural, and this 3D imaging really helps them see that,"Dr. Schusterman says. Ladies wear a robe and take a quick photo in front of the device. Then, they're able to see their own tissue being increased by different cup sizes and shapes through computer animation."

For more information: http://www.alwaysyouthful.com/vectra-3d-aesthetic-simulation.php