League of Woman Voters in Houston expand on vote by mail ballots

Voting by mail-in-ballot is proving to be hard for many Texans for the March 1 primary, and time is running out.

The application for mail-in-ballots must be received by county early voting clerks by Friday.

Harris County, the state’s largest county, had nearly 2,500 applications rejected because of the new ID requirements.

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"Time has been short, education short, there have just been a lot of complications associated with the implementation of the law and providing adequate training to the election administrators as well," said Dr. Annie Johnson Benifield, who is the president of League of Women Voters Houston.

The organization has worked nonstop to help citizens with the applications and educate them on the changes.

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Voters must now put the same ID on their mail ballot that matches the ID they used when registering to vote which may have been decades ago. These changes are new and implemented in December.

"The League of Women Voters here in Houston and the state has been advising people, put your driver’s license number, or either your ID card number along with the last four digits of your social security number just to cover all basis," said Benifield.

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The deadline for the application to be received is Friday, Feb 18.

"I would definitely make a plan to go vote in person. If you have a disability, you can request curbside voting, you can call the polling location that you plan to attend, or you can have someone in the vehicle go in, and they can bring the information out to you. Be sure to take some identification with you," she said.