Voting rights in America- What's Your Point?

Republicans in the U.S. Senate this week blocked the sweeping election reform bill known as the "For The People Act",  calling it a "partisan takeover of federal elections".
Democrats argued the measure would preserve voting rights in states where they are allegedly being restricted.
To that end, on Friday, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the Biden administration is suing the state of Georgia over its newly approved slate of election laws.

If and when Texas Republicans finally push through the so-called "election integrity" measure smothered in the regular session the likelihood is very high it will be greeted with the same legal counterattack from Biden’s attorney general.

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The Democrats’ sweeping attempt to rewrite U.S. election and voting law suffered a major setback in the Senate Tuesday, blocked by a filibuster wall of Republican opposition to what would be the largest overhaul of the electoral system in a generation.

The vote leaves the Democrats with no clear path forward, though President Joe Biden declared, "This fight is far from over."